KTC AS301 Puller Set

KTC AS301 Puller Set

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Product Description

An exclusive tool designed for vehicle axle assembling/disassembling, steering wheel diff companion flange, mission bearing & gear removal, and also a range of bearing & gear removal. Axle Dismantling and fitting hubs and knuckles Dismantling and fitting the bearing race Dismantling and fitting of wheel bearings Steering Removing the steering wheel Differential Removing the companion flange Transmission Removing bearings and gears Others Removing various types of bearings and gears Application Mainly used for the axles of light to normal FF vehicles Applicable for steering wheels, diff-companion flanges, transmission bearings and gears in light to normal vehicles. Characteristics The axle can be dismantled and refitted using 1 set. Is applicable for hub bearings that are attached to either the inner or outer sides. A hydraulic press can be used making operations both easy and fast. The removal/installation of the arms is carried out by a one-touch set ball type system. The center bolt is fitted with a bearing, which makes for a light drive torque. Is applicable to FR and 4WD rear vehicles, as well as FF axles. Has a varied use on the steering wheel, differential companion flange, transmission bearing and gearing, as well as the axle. Is possible for use on the removal of other bearings and gearing from other devices because of interchangeable parts.

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